Monday, July 27, 2015

kind of an update.

[ 1 ] awhile back, brady and i attended our first Minnesota United FC game. it was pretty wild and the game ended as a tie, as it was an internationally friendly game.

[ 2 ] lately, i just plop out on our lawn and have a snack or dinner by our garden. i can't believe how amazing it's doing and i have to say, all creds to towards my man. i do try to help pull out unnecessary greens. the netting is keeping out all unwanted friends, but i know they love it. sometimes, we'll get dragonflies and moths stuck in it. we do try to help, but they're kind of afraid of us.

[ 3 ] finally made my way out to patisserie 46. the pastries are so delicious, you need milk with your coffee. all around, atmosphere and food/drinks is superb!

[ 4 + 5 ] city streets because we mostly hang out there on weekends, but i love my little suburban home the most where it's quiet at night and actually have a decent size lawn to run and lay around. sometimes, you just maybe can have both of all worlds. ;D

staying busy... and other stuff happening in life... sometimes you just can't control how it works... *sigh* anyway, hope you are all enjoying your summer and that you are getting out and exploring little corners of your city. ;) until then, take care!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mystery Cave Tour

hi friends! i have not been the best about blogging, no mystery to that. anyway, for the fourth of july weekend, brady drove us to southern minnesota. the scenic byway of highway 16 makes farmland fun. so many hills!

we made it a weekend trip, but could have done it in a day. it was real nice to get away and bum around though.

we toured the mystery cave and it's funny how it got its name. at the end of our tour, we came upon a lake in the cave. the water was clear! they offer a few different tours, but my attention span could only do the one hour tour. ha!

it is so nice to explore different parts of minnesota as our state has so much to offer.

i have been so bad about taking pictures, even with my iPhone. so much of me likes to enjoy the moment now.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

night sky

do you ever look up and wonder what is in the night sky aside the beautiful colors? i do, that's why i had to do a late night post, it's that important! the cresent moon was so beautiful. my camera plus moving car does no justice, but i had to photograph this beautiful image. i did not know what is was and thankfully had my iPhone in hand to look it up. that bright light to the moon is venus (as i wrote on the image) and to the right of it is jupiter.

we get so caught up in our life and forget to enjoy these precious parts of what is already there. brady and i were on the road from the minnesota united soccer game going for a late night dinner and i always gaze into space when he drives... always searching for the beautiful things we drive by and reading aloud almost everything i see on billboards and signs. (it probably annoys him every time when i read aloud).

anyway, don't forget to enjoy these little big things on your drives home. day or night skies, they're pretty amazing things!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Introducing Baby Rose!

This little gem of the family came into the world about three weeks ago. I swear, she is in constant watch!
She is already so loved by all of us!! *insert kiss face emoji here times 10*

You bet I rushed over to hang out with baby Rose. I really could not give time for my brother and sister-in-law to rest. Plus, I had a very ansy girl (Caydi) that kept nagging about "when is Rosie coming?"

The above two, Rosie at two weeks! Who does not love those yawning babies? The cutest pictures, ever!!! ♥ ♥

Can't wait to get a picture of the gang together! It's only getting bigger!!!!!

Hanging out with the Fam

it was so good to see my littles this past weekend. it's crazy how fast they are growing and what beautiful humans they are becoming.

a few seconds video of a few of them... i'll introduce you to baby rosie shortly. ♥