Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pipestone National Monument

Did you know that in this lovely state of Minnesota, there are only two National Monuments? Yes! Brady and I took a day trip down to Pipestone, MN. Originally, we had wanted to stay at the famous historic Calumet Inn, but changed our minds to wanting to camp to going home the same day! Haha! Glad we are able to change our minds at last minute. Whew! Anyway, Pipestone National Monument is a beautiful place in which Native Americans came here to carve out for the pipestone to use for a sacred ritual. It's a fun and educational experience. Here is the monument in three minutes! Really wish I had nice video gear. OH well.....

As you can see, the hike is pretty easy as to where Brady wore his flip flops and I wore rain boots (it rained on and off). Friendly for families that have kids still in stroller. Also, wheelchair accessible. Plus! Plus! And doesn't stop there, dog friendly!!! Just bring your lease and bag up the droppings. If you have a day to spare and are not too far, make a day trip out of it! :)

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