Thursday, May 26, 2016

Itasca State Park

So... we are out of hibernation... No more comfort food... At least, knowing how to portion ourselves, anyway!

This past weekend, Brady and I took a quick visit to where the Mississippi River begins at Lake Itasca State Park. The weather was gorgeous! Sun on our faces and woke up with no dew. Speaking of waking up, it was such an impromptu trip that we forgot pillows and a tarp (to have our tent sit on top of). But we were troopers and went without having either. I brought our towels and basically used that as our pillows. We woke up with slight headaches, but were having too much fun enjoying our time that it didn’t bother us much.

Speaking of enjoying myself too much, I always come back home wishing I took more photos. I’m in the moment of soaking up all the fun that I really do forget, but I am glad I was able to get something… =)

That's where the Mississippi starts!!! We crossed over the rocks, waded through, and walked over the first bridge over the river; which is a tree trunk!!

We made way to Preacher's Grove and saw this wooden trail or what we made a bench and sat there and laid there for a good while. We loved how calm it was! It felt so good!! ♥ ♥

We woke up early next morning, made a warm breakfast of my special casing hot dogs and went for a hike at Dr. Roberts Trail. An easy peasy two mile hike. You can tell we were first to hike the trails that day because of all the spider webs that we walked through. One almost cut my throat! It was thick!

Wild flowers errr'where! So beautiful that you cannot take them!

It was so nice and quiet at Itasca State Park! I am sure Memorial Weekend will be jam packed!

Have a great evening and be good to Mother Nature! ♥

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