Sunday, November 8, 2015

cranberry oatmeal cookies

you guys, i used to be so afraid to bake, but after trials and trials, i am more confident now. unlike cooking, you have to be real careful about the measuring of ingredients, how and when you put the ingredients together.

i also find it fun because i can involve photography. baking/cooking is an art itself. it also involves math and science. not only is baking fun, i have found it therapeutic! :)

i remember one of my chores as a kid was cleaning the dinner table up after dinner. i would take all the left overs and pretend cooking and putting it on display. i may have watched many of julia child and martha stewart. you can thank my dad for never allowing my siblings and i to watch cartoon or soap operas. yay, tpt/pbs!

anyway, i promised brady that i would bake him cranberry oatmeal cookies. i was able to pack a dozen for family that stopped by. i followed a recipe i found on google. i forgot which one exactly, but i believe it was from food network’s website. sorry, i don’t do the pinterest.

well, i hope you guys go out and try cooking/baking something new! it can be scary, but it is rewarding. rewarding for you and your family/friends. you achieve a goal and their bellies are happy! hope you all have a blessed week!

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