Tuesday, September 15, 2015

easy peach crisp

it's that time again! the weather is cooling down and you know you have a few extra peaches left and probably want to do something than eat it plain. no worries, i have a link right here for that easy peach crisp! :) thank me later! :P

yes, you see that correctly! i topped my vanilla ice cream with my easy peach crisp!!! so easy and the mess is minimal! and i feel like some real baker in my home and i had all of the ingredients already waiting to be used. perfect snack/dessert for these crisp fall afternoons/evenings.

you say you no like peaches, but this looks good to you? you can substitute it for apples; which we also make and eat around here. :) hope you like!! xo

1 comment:

Jena said...

I love that you did a peach crisp. I am such a fan of apple crisp but I love peach cobbler. Yum and perfect for this time of year.