Monday, July 20, 2015

Mystery Cave Tour

hi friends! i have not been the best about blogging, no mystery to that. anyway, for the fourth of july weekend, brady drove us to southern minnesota. the scenic byway of highway 16 makes farmland fun. so many hills!

we made it a weekend trip, but could have done it in a day. it was real nice to get away and bum around though.

we toured the mystery cave and it's funny how it got its name. at the end of our tour, we came upon a lake in the cave. the water was clear! they offer a few different tours, but my attention span could only do the one hour tour. ha!

it is so nice to explore different parts of minnesota as our state has so much to offer.

i have been so bad about taking pictures, even with my iPhone. so much of me likes to enjoy the moment now.

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