Monday, July 27, 2015

kind of an update.

[ 1 ] awhile back, brady and i attended our first Minnesota United FC game. it was pretty wild and the game ended as a tie, as it was an internationally friendly game.

[ 2 ] lately, i just plop out on our lawn and have a snack or dinner by our garden. i can't believe how amazing it's doing and i have to say, all creds to towards my man. i do try to help pull out unnecessary greens. the netting is keeping out all unwanted friends, but i know they love it. sometimes, we'll get dragonflies and moths stuck in it. we do try to help, but they're kind of afraid of us.

[ 3 ] finally made my way out to patisserie 46. the pastries are so delicious, you need milk with your coffee. all around, atmosphere and food/drinks is superb!

[ 4 + 5 ] city streets because we mostly hang out there on weekends, but i love my little suburban home the most where it's quiet at night and actually have a decent size lawn to run and lay around. sometimes, you just maybe can have both of all worlds. ;D

staying busy... and other stuff happening in life... sometimes you just can't control how it works... *sigh* anyway, hope you are all enjoying your summer and that you are getting out and exploring little corners of your city. ;) until then, take care!

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