Thursday, June 18, 2015

upper midwest

last week, brady and i visited this little gem in upper wisconsin for a few days. the drive to and from was a breeze since we left mid-week and came back on a saturday.

we have been wanting to visit this gem for quite awhile now and am happy we finally made it there. we kind of made it an educational trip as we discussed about how the big lakes were created way before our time -crazy what humans do to mother earth. also, the property that we stayed on had sandstone in random places so we figured that at the time, it was a major industry for people to make a way of living besides the lumberyards and agriculture. we were so fascinated by the inn were we spent a few nights. it was built in the 1880's and the wood work is spectacular. you cannot find that around here anymore, or if you do, good luck! so to speak, my gosh, life on earth is just breath taking and the things people create around here and there is spectacular and that we are just this itty-bitty thing on earth! itty-itty-bitty!

those skies, those boats!

we are itty-bitty! can't even fit the tree into the frame. love trees! love! ♥

that's ^^^ madeline island up there!!! us in bayfield exploring before we get onto the ferry to madeline island.

brady and i rented bikes once we got onto the island and rode them to big bay state park. we rode about 12 miles no the island. exercising while on vacation? sure.
we enjoyed at drink at this artsy bar. it couldn't bore you at all! you were reading everything and there was so much to see!

talk about see... we took a drive and somehow brady managed to see a black bear cub. it was scared so it climbed up a tree. we stopped awhile to watch the baby bear and i wondered where its mama was... sure enough, she was right behind him. i was scared that they were going to run towards us, but we were able to enjoy each other's company for awhile. the wild is pretty crazy, alright. can ya spot the black cub?
and of course, how can we not try some local coffee? small town shops are too adorable for me. i love them!

brady and i had a fun and relaxing time. we are sure that we will be back to visit this place in the upper midwest sometime again. until then, i am already planning another vacation. :)

♥ jean

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