Sunday, May 24, 2015


we had the best view of the lake! look at that!

i think it's adorable how he has been wearing these ankle bracelets for the past three years. my mom made it for him for a spiritual healing. probably why i keep getting sick because i took mine off. whoops.

this spider hanging out on our tent like rent is free.

just a few photos from our first camping trip [of the season] around the boundary waters canoe area from a few weekends ago.

it is the best feeling ever when we are up there. both brady and i felt so relieved once we got onto the gunflint trail. no cars tailing us, no phone service for people to contact us, and being able to just enjoy ourselves and what nature has to offer us.

the first night was loud because the loons were up late having a ball. it sounded almost like wolves howling, i admit, i was kind of scared, but i knew my knight would have been able to fight off any monster. the second day was gorgeous that i basically hung out in my one piece all day catching rays! brady and i also dipped into that 35 degree F water. It was cold and i’m sure the water wasn’t completely thawed. we didn’t see much wildlife animals besides the loon and eagles. oh yeah, let’s not forget our cute little chipmunk friend that stuffed its face to the max with our droppings of bacon and toast. whoops. luckily, no bears!

i can’t wait to be back up in the north country. it’s always refreshing and peaceful.

do you camp? where is your favorite camp site?


Janet Kay Goettsch said...

Jean, these photos are gorgeous!!
I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I have never been to the Boundry Waters, very sad. I think we'll shoot for late fall, have you been there then?

Ashley said...

You make me want to go camping!! :)