Friday, April 3, 2015

Lutsen Mountains

We packed our bags early Saturday and left for the North Shore for Spring Break.

To avoid driving the longer hours up north, we drove half way and spent a night at Black Bear Casino and Resort. Brady and I are not gamblers at all, but it was fun pushing buttons for a bit.

It wasn't our first time at Lutsen Mountains, but it was our first time doing the Ski In/Ski Out deal. Best idea ever when snowboarding/skiing. We stayed at the Eagle Ridge Resort on the mountains. The slopes closed at about 4PM, but we were able to enjoy their outdoor pool, which you could swim through a hole to get into the indoor pool. Let's not forget the hot tub and sauna, I mean, I live for these kind of amenities when I look into staying at a resort. When night falls, we were able to listen to live music! John Mark Nelson played at the local Papa Charlie's Tavern. He's a Twin Cities local. We were happy to get a little night life scene in the mountains. :)

We had a lovely week at the mountains though I may have gotten bruised up on mah knees and sore back muscles. The views were just breath taking and I have never been so afraid of heights in my life until my late 20's!!! My gosh, I won't lie, I closed my eyes a few times in the gondola and I did slip off the chair lift once. I laughed it up and got right back on the lift. I'm going to enjoy the fun. :)

Pretty fun, eh? We traded the beach for the fresh powder. I've been enjoying all your Spring Break photos via Instagram! ♥ I hope you are all recharged for the weekend! ♥

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