Monday, April 13, 2015

just my luck.

i will share some stories that brady and i are just as normal as anyone else because sometimes things may look better than it is on social media. nope. we're human.

we had a great time during spring break at lutsen mountains, but as we were going down hill back into town for little snacks and water, we were pulled over and received a first ever speeding ticket (i won't say which one of us received it). i thought it was ludicrous that cops wait at the bottom of the hill to clock you. sure, we brushed it off and didn't let it ruin our trip, but it gets worse. (i'm laughing over here).

an hour before check out, we bring our bags and snowboards to the car and hands full, the car keys got locked in the trunk of the car (again, i won't say who committed this). yep, you read that right. four hours from home. luckily, help was only fifteen minutes away and $80 poorer.

we just laugh about it now.

we get back home from our spring break trip, have fun with a few of my nephews over. i spend the weekend with my folks and bam! - i have the flu! (along with a few handful of my niece and nephews). at least, i didn't catch lice like a few of my other family members did (i won't mention whom). i think i would have gone a little nuts if i caught lice. i already experienced that as a kid AND adult. no fun, at all!!!

i have another car story... we drove up for a hike, an hour and a half away from home and the muffler dies out on us. now, this car, she's our baby. she was so loud! luckily, we have a warranty on the muffler (thanks, brady) and brady is the mechanic in our household. so, we didn't lose money there. whew.

i'm sure i have a few more stories, but forgot because it hasn't been our luck lately, but we are not letting it keep us down! we are just working with it and moving along because life is too short to sit around here and be miserable. i feel some good streaks rolling around sometime soon.

i guess, when it rains, it pours. -- do you believe in that saying?

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chewah said...

I love your spirit. :)