Wednesday, April 15, 2015

explore more

Near or far, explore more!

After being cooped up in the house for a few days of being sick, I wanted to get out!! This past weekend, Brady and I packed some snacks and water where he drove us to Interstate State Park, (Taylors Falls). I can’t recall the last time I was there, but it was so beautiful to revisit.

I can’t believe I have been braving to inch nearby the edge of the cliffs. I’m so ticklish (scared) and curious at the same time that I do want to see what’s beyond the cliff though I already know, but I’m a sensory kid, therefore, I need to see it.

It was a nice day trip as I knew the next day, I just wanted to accomplish things around the home. I have been looking at maps to see where we will venture off to next. Wherever that may be, I am excited.

Are you into hiking? What are some of your favorite spots?

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