Monday, April 13, 2015

create something

i haven’t had the motivation, but as of yesterday, i’m on a roll. i have been staying off my lazy bones. i might want to thank being ill for a few days and the weather. i think that motivated me to get off my butt because being ill and being forced to stay in bed pretty much was lame.

create somethinganything! i’m not at all perfect with what i do, but i like what i do and like trying new things. i am curious and like to explore. if i failed, at least i know that i tried.

something that motivates me on creating something is making a list and/or drafting it. for instance, i have a new baby niece arriving this summer and aside of the little purchased gifts from the target store, i am making the rest of the gifts. i made a list of what i wanted to make and then draft on how i will make them. i am excited because i hope that the people i make these things for feel extra special because a lot of time and thought are put into this kind of stuff. also, i love that no one else in this world will have these things because i do not like to duplicate what i make. i know i feel extra special when i am given handmade things, especially if that person made it for me. it kind of makes me cry, maybe behind closed doors if not in front of them.

well, i hope this helps you a little to create something. i've been on a hiatus of creating anything for the longest. i will try my best to share all the things i make once baby is born (July).

what will you make next?

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