Saturday, February 28, 2015

February recap.

After the Holidays, I get a little break then dip right into February where there are NINE birthdays in my family on top of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day was pretty low key. We went dancing the night before and stayed in on the day of and watched movies in bed.

I also spent some days in bed as I caught the stomach flu from one of the Littles. I ate Congee and drank Ginger Ale for several days straight.
It wasn't fun because half the family caught it. :(

The weekends in February was mostly spent with family as we celebrated birthdays.
I can’t believe my Littles are growing so fast. I don’t know what I’m more sad about, that they are growing up or that I am… maybe both. The family is growing as well. My younger brother and his wife are expecting their first born in June! It’s a beautiful thing, life. ♥

. . . And now we jump into March where it will be pretty calm and celebrate My Parents' 40th Anniversary! ♥

with love and many smiles, J.

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