Monday, January 26, 2015

l a t e l y . . .

thinking aloud - - -

  • i don’t drink coffee during the day as much as i used to. i have been treating myself to a latte at a shop more than usual.

  • B and i have been eating out too much. we should probably stop.

  • we have been eating pad thai (pictured above) at least once a week! i tried making it for B and he liked it, but we didn’t have cayenne pepper so i used chili powder. he wasn’t a big fan of the chili powder, so i guess we’ll have to buy cayenne pepper and try that next time. i’m going to perfect it because one restaurant had a bowl of rice (about 2 cups) selling for $3! that’s overpriced for white rice and i need my white rice.

  • i am so out of shape and it is very sad. i used to be able to eat anything i wanted and however much, but i need to watch myself because i don’t exercise like i used to. soccer was my way of burning off the fat and staying lean. i need to start running again.

  • the school year for the kids is going by quickly. it is already the 3rd quarter and before you know it, june will be here and so will summer vacation. that means, i need to look for a part time summer job. sure, i could not work, but i like to buy cute things here and there. also, if i stay home, i will drive both B and i crazy! i love him, but i will be so bored and become a monster. so, if you know of any part time summer gig, holler at cho’ girl!

  • it makes me happy that the sun is setting after 4:30pm and people are able to enjoy the day longer.

    yep. . . that's life lately for me. how about you??


    Katie said...

    It makes me so happy that the days are getting longer! It's very noticeable! Also, we've been eating out non-stop, too.. there must be something about January.. or I'm just making excuses haha

    tracey said...

    I LOOOOOOOVE Pad Thai. I'd eat it every day if someone would make it for me. Lol!