Saturday, January 10, 2015

happy new year!

Hope you all had a safe and warm welcome into the New Year!

I guess I will ring my first blog post of the year with "New Year" thoughts while keeping it short before it just gets all sloppy and everywhere...

The New Year is like a new beginning, though each day is a new beginning, but there just is something about January 1st. Anyway, I have never been one to do resolutions because I think it can be overwhelming and sometimes, they are not ideal. I mostly set "to-do lists" that are manageable. I am one of those that actually still hand writes my lists because c’mon, I love my cute papers and writing utensils! ♥

Keep it simple.
Look on the bright side!
Stay positive!
Have fun!
Love a lot!!

♥ ♥ - Jean

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