Thursday, December 11, 2014

tree farm

honestly, it was overwhelming - the tree farm. you go up and down the rows of trees. short needles. long needles. tall trees. short trees. slim trees. full trees. so-many-trees. overwhelmed. can i nap, now?

and that is why these were the only photos i care to take while we were there. i had anticipated on taking more, but this is all i have.

brady sent me to grab our hatch-back (car) while he cut the tree... i looked back midway through (walk was probably a quarter mile), he had already caught up with me. i didn't know that dude carrying the tree on his shoulder was - my man. >_< either i am slow, or he is fast. what a stud. my man is pretty cool. i love that guy. oh, the things i have him go through for me. i love him. ♥

and he shook the loose needles off and shoved it into our hatch-back, without the net. i had the best forty minute drive home from the tree farm, all up to the dashboard because that was the only way that six-something foot tree would fit the hatch-back. and i am okay that there are some needles in the back seat of the hatch-back. and now, i have another job to do until january, watering the tree, in our house. humans can be so weird.

and this is how some of us make our holidays happy, and stressful. hahaha.

and good night!

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