Sunday, November 2, 2014

Peanut Butter + Chocolate

you guys, funny story. . . i had a dream about eating peanut butter and chocolate treats and woke up wanting some real bad!

brady and i went out to the grocery store to purchase some:
ritz crackers
peanut butter (i used smooth)
semi sweet chocolate chips

when i got home, i went to work with the ingredients.

i laid out a sheet of wax paper on the cooking sheet then i spread the peanut butter onto the cracker and topped it with another cracker to make a "sandwich." oh yeah, i should say, before making the pb cracker sandwich, i poured the chocolate chips into a steel bowl and did a double boil to melt the chips on very low heat. (so bad with cooking directions. so bad). when the chocolate is melted, i dipped the pb cracker sandwiches into the chocolate melt. boy, this was messy, messy, but so easy to make. you can dip it all or just half. i did both. >.<

this craving may be due to the chill weather or just that. . . . . my secret. hahahaha.

anyway, we've been cooking pretty good here at home, but due to daylight savings time, photographing in the dark with my gear isn't the best. . . so i'll let you imagine what good food we are making at home. :)

have a great week!

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