Saturday, November 15, 2014

new coasters!

i was ready for new coasters for our living room and came across these cute pieces that i turned into our coasters. :) i had mixed feelings on how to decorate them. . . i didn't know if i should have done one side or both... i just stuck to one for now... they're so adorable and i'm kind of a coaster snob now... i mean, they are more eco friendly than napkins/paper towels. ;)

simple DO IT YOURSELF stuff because it's the end of the semester for my class and i need to focus on that more... anyway, i get all excited about decorating and end up slacking off. it doesn't help that my sense of decorating is horrid. perhaps, i need some real help.

well, what are you putting on your coaster these days????
for me? besides coffee? i've been able to tolerate a drink a week. :D
whatever you're drinking, stay warm! :)

♥ J

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