Monday, November 10, 2014

first snow fall of the season!!

you guys! we (minneapolis) had our first snow fall of the season!!! i made it into work on time with being able to grab a few things at the grocery store. i was also happy that my evening meeting was rescheduled so i could get home to study for my test later this week. this snow kept me in and busy with school work and house chores. meanwhile, brady took care of exterior house chores. love that we are able to compromise house chores. :P i won't argue. and he wouldn't argue to come into a warm home with coffee and a home cooked meal. i love him ♥ :)

anyway. . . sneaking some blog time in with the weather channel as background noise until i'm ready for bed. i wasn't expecting the snow, but what can i say, we're minnesnowtans.

hope you all have a safe drive into work tomorrow! stay warm! :D

♥ J

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