Wednesday, October 1, 2014


when you're on the road, it's fun to make some stops and soak up some of the beauty on the roadside.

once we hit the north shore scenic route, i'm all drooling and eyes are wide open! lake superior is my ocean (only because i've never witnessed the real thing yet). it's so cool! and the water is so blue! and cold.

when brady and i drove up the gunflint trail, i was in total awe. the colorful trees were breath taking. i didn't want to leave. i want to be back there already. i had brady stop along the road while on the gunflint trail. . . it was nice because there was nobody else there until a couple saw us and joined us. and then we left. ha. just lovely! ♥

we also stopped by a north shore scenic area where there was a marina. my gosh. there were these HUGE rocks where we went for a walk. it had a rock-way where it led to an island? not really sure, we were short on time so we didn't go all the way to the end. i was telling brady how it reminded me of the galapagos island and how i wanted to be darwin at the moment.

it was absolutely amazing up north. we were kind of sad that we didn't get to spend enough time there. perhaps it won't be too frigid to get away for another weekend. i'm glad i at least caught a few snapshots of our weekend. you can view part i: here where we were at jay cooke state park and part ii: camped, here, a few miles from the canadian border.

hope the week is going well for you friends! i'm already planning for another get away, even if it's for the day! :) :)

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