Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nature, lately. . .

i have witnessed some pretty cool things in nature, but a few days ago was different.

let me explain, here i was all wanting a dog because of national dog day. of course that can't happen because brady and i have allergies. BOO!!! :( long story short, i woke up the next morning to furry friends, but it wasn't a dog, it was a mouse, i mean, two mice. i mean, three. in our basement. baby mice. what in the world?! of the five or six years that we have been living here, never seen such thing in the house. so weird. weird, weird. i like to think that i keep my house tidy. never saw mouse droppings. the next day, we found two more!!! what in the world??? i did a quick google search and sure enough, they have about a dozen or more babies at a time!!! YIKES!! all baby mice were trapped into a box, without harm and moved away from our home into the woods, away from our home. we were not sure of how they came into the house? maybe they got in by a crawl space?? i don't know. they were obviously lost! yikes! scary! they were cute, but just the thought creeps me out. it has been a week and i hope we do not find anymore.

a few days after our mice incident. . . we had a squirrel incident. an incident that may have left me with some tears. it goes like. . . i drive up to our driveway, but this squirrel was too busy gnawing the bah-jeezies out of the apple. i approached it with the car, but it wouldn't move so i so kindly backed out and parked on the street. i walked towards the squirrel and it drags its hind legs to run-away from me. apparently someone shot the poor squirrel on its back! it had flies all over him/her. it was so hurtful for me to watch. i ran in the house all emotional telling brady. in the end, the squirrel had a quick ending and proper burial. i still wonder. . . why? and who? in the world would do this just because? i'm sure this squirrel was not attacking this person. just cruel. cruel!! if the animal is not attacking you or you have to plans on eating it, LEAVE IT ALONE!!!


now, onto more cool things in nature....

  • i'm constantly getting lost in the clouds. they are just so gorgeous. i could photograph clouds all day. seriously. i get so happy when i'm co-pilot and just stare off into the sky! ♥

  • i can't wait for spring. brady and i are planning what we want in a garden. we plan to tear up parts of the lawn. i said, we may as well since we don't really use it for anything. also, less mowing for him. :)

  • every now and then, i have brady walk with me down to the trails so we can just happen to bump into the fox again... nope, haven't seen it since that one time. darn. however, we did find a blue bird feather. that was pretty neat. ;P

  • while at brady's mother's house the other day, we heard a bunch of birds chirping in the bush. we turn and look, a hawk caught a meal. this type of nature is pretty cool.

  • i see some color change in the trees, hoping we get a chance to go up north, or south to see the color change of trees! :)

    Nature, sometimes you can be bad to us, but for the most part, you are pretty freaking cool!!! :)

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