Monday, September 29, 2014

jay cooke

this past weekend, brady and i took a quick trip up north. the drive was way beautiful! i should have been more ready with my camera, but i just wanted to enjoy it for the most part. i have been up north for all seasons, and i have to say, fall is my favorite!!

we stopped at a few places as it was a very short visit. . . i did not want to stop much since we have seen most of it. this place was our first stop.

jay cooke state park is right before duluth on your way up north.

they have this swinging bridge that you take to get to the other side. sometimes the bridge is super packed and you have to squeeze by like what brady and i did to get over it. however, on our way back, we were able to get it to ourselves. . . and one other person. It was a super busy weekend. gorgeous weather, too!

well, i hope all you folks that have to go through winters like us (MINNESOTA), go out and enjoy the outdoors before our lovely snow falls! ;) i will have two more post to follow this week to share photos on our super quick trip to the border. ;D

have a great week, everyone!

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kylie said...

oh i love autumn! so beautiful!