Tuesday, September 30, 2014


So... we did not make reservations and around this time in this part of Northern Minnesota, it gets super busy and just about all of the lodges and campsites had NO VANCANCY. Luckily, we have this secret spot of ours about ten miles (maybe less) from the Canadian border to set camp. As we drove by the many campsites, I was getting more nervous and we had to set a PLAN C! Thankfully right, this place never fails us. We LOVE coming here!!!

We made it to camp right before the sun went down. I started the fire meanwhile Brady set up the tent. The stars were so beautiful! My pictures do NO justice.

You see that little friend and Brady's foot not too far? It was acting as if were didn't even exist! ^_^

My goodness we had a great time. We had only wish it would last longer. The sun was beaming hot. The entire time, I was in shorts & a tank. Ok, maybe not at night for bed, but you get the point. I don't think this will be our last visit before the snow fall and we may even visit during the snow. It was real nice not to see folks after the main road (no offense, people). We really do like our quiet. And I really do love Fall. It was so beautiful! ♥

You can read where we stopped before we set up camp here.

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