Thursday, July 31, 2014


can't believe it's already the end of july... and half way through summer... and that school supplies are already out at target. ludacris!

enjoying every bit of summer while i can, while doing whatever, even if that whatever means daydreaming into the clouds.

one of my favorite things has been listening to brady play music. ♥ just melts my heart. not because he's brady, but because i love music, the music he creates, and fine, him, too!

really trying to be active with my creativeness over here, but i've been enjoying laziness' company too much. oopppsies.

well friends. enjoy what we have left of summer! it's going to go by quickly... and i can't believe i blogged so much this week! wow!!!

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Leave It To Davis said...

I don't know if you remember I have a son named Brady...and he is 20....and he has that same exact dream catcher on his wall....what a small world!