Tuesday, July 29, 2014


so, there is this nature center that i discovered about twenty miles away from brady and me --- and we ventured off to it. if you know me, you know that i went to a "museum school" that evolved around science, math, art, nature, and all the good stuff. heck, it was affiliated with the science museum of minnesota!!! i knew so much about everything until i gradually faded away from it.... which i feel so sad about. but the core of it still is inside me. i value these little things of what is left of nature. and i am so happy i met someone that vales the same!! ♥ brady and i share nature stories of when we were littles; when we didn't know each other, but i felt as we did and if we did, we would be troublesome, but maybe in a good way. haha.

anyway... it was a hot day... we walked along the board walk and couldn't believe, we were so close to the city. such a hidden beauty of mother nature. i love places like this. we love places like this! ♥ we're like two kids stuck in a big city with such beautiful parks that awaits our visit! ♥ we love this. we do! ♥

there was this beautiful water garden, but this red tail hawk caught our eyes... so beautiful! ♥

and then we headed for that two mile walk around the lake.......
they were wood ducks. so prettttty!!!

we are so happy to live nearby such calm and beautiful places. we really DO appreciate these parts of what is left around here.... ♥ i am so happy i found someone to share these places with...... and i am off to research new places for us to explore.... ♥ we really do not have to take that drive up north to duluth to find such calmness... and the best part, less gas and they are FREE!!!! we love free! =)

i hope you are exploring new places; near or far, free or charge... so worth it! =)

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