Sunday, July 27, 2014

Just Grilling

I like to top my burgers with new things. This past week, I added baked beans on my burger. It was so delicious!!!

Brady grilled the salmon while I made a simple garden salad. I am growing some purple lettuce and arugula. Arugula is so distinct and goooood! I love it on my pizza, too. For my dressing, I have been mixing squeezed lemon juice (one lemon) and two table spoons of extra virgin olive oil. I prefer this over bottled dressing.

I had been craving for some Shrimp Taco and that we made. I added about half a cup of sour cream and half a squeezed lime into a bag and mixed it with a quarter sliced purple/red cabbage. Add other toppings as you would like.

With extra cabbage left, I used the same mixture as I did for the shrimp tacos and topped it to my hot dog. I love topping my food with new things. So fun and delicious.

What have you been grilling lately??

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