Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hi family & friends. . . Hope that all is going well! ♥ Over on this end, it has been pretty calm. However, my sister and her family is in town for the weekend and a few days from Montana! It has been SO nice having them home!! ♥

Anywhoo... I have been able to scoop up a few super cute dresses from thirft stores like whoa! and am so proud of myself! Most dresses that I have been able to find are a kicking $7!!! Can't say no to that! The one that I am wearing in the above photos, I wore to my family gathering today. It was a beautiful day! ♥

Other news. . . (I probably mentioned a few on Facebook).

  • Brady & I cancelled the house Internet a while back. Honestly, sometimes I miss it - more like miss blogging and blog reading. I have data plan on my iPhone, but reading blogs on it is not the same as a laptop. Plus, my data is limited, but my main focus was to be able to connect with my siblings via Facebook. If you miss my blog, I'll try hard to keep my INSTAGRAM public. :) So, I apologize if my response is kind of slow. All in all, I like this balanced life and I do NOT miss the bill!!!

  • With not having Internet, I am able to get so much accomplished!! The house always (for the most part) is tidy! I love a tidy home (don't judge)! Brady and I were able to snatch two vintage furniture pieces for our kitchen. I am in love with the two! We threw out our circle dinner table and received a rectangle one. Also, picked up this drawer where we were able to put our coffee and espresso maker on. Our counter space is so clean and spacious now! I love it!! Maybe updated kitchen pictures in the near future. :) It feels so good to toss out excess junk around the house. I was also able to let go of art scraps & fabric that I did not use. I just do not want to hold onto it anymore. I do not miss the dust that was on it either!! ;)

  • I also gave up on our microwave! :) We barely used it. I probably used it most for making oatmeal for breakfast, but I was not feeling the microwave and we bought it when we first moved into our home before I purchased pots and pans. I do not miss it. I do not miss that it took up way too much space on the counter as well.

  • Tattoos. I went to two laser removal sessions this year! Of course, it will take time to go away, but it is going. I probably would tell teens to hold off until they are 21 to get a tattoo. I do not regret getting my tattoos removed! :P

  • Routine. For the most part, I am on a routine, at least in the morning. I like to get my little work out in, eat breakfast, then get ready for the day. I learned that when I do not get my little morning work out in, my day feels so sluggish by noon. I really do push myself (at least on the weekdays) to do my little work outs. It is so important!

  • Brady and I have been wanting to focus on our health. I know my doctor gets on me about this every year when I visit her and suggests that I take vitamins since I lack this and that, but I do not like taking vitamins or pills. Period! I definitely am not about any fad diets, either. Brady and I are back on our evening walks or him skateboarding and myself riding my bike. I will try to get us to jog together, but you see, he is like... a foot taller. Haha. I am cooking better, no frozen, nothing, only ice and sometimes a pint of ice cream. We ate out only once this week, but shared a plate. After awhile, everything just becomes a habit. A good habit. :)

    Well, not much crazy-super-cool news around here. Just trying our best to keep things simple around here. Really do hope you all are doing well and fanciful. Hope you were all able to enjoy the weekend with loved ones. Until then my friends, take care! ♥

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