Monday, March 24, 2014

l a t e l y . . .

. . . because I know some of you have been wondering.

I have been feeling a little sluggish the past three days because I have been sleeping in and skipping my morning work out routines. I hopped out of bed this morning at 6:30AM to work out and wow, I felt wonderful all through the day!

Brady and I were finally able to get a car wash on the newer Honda. The lines were always so long and we were not in the mood to wait, but the other day waiting after three cars was A-OK! ;) We may have made silly videos then shared with my sisters. And then it snowed. And I see white spots on the car. Blah!

I finally hung up the pretty gold frame mirror that Brady's mom gave me in the master bedroom. I can make silly faces each time I walk in and out of the room. More like scare myself, hahah! :D

I finally hung up Brady's white belt & certificate thingy from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (see above photo) on the wall along with his medals. It was annoying me how it was just laying on the floor. :S

I am looking forward to decorating the last of the living room wall. I have two ideas of what I want to do, but will need to make a final decision soon so I can get the things I need to make it happen. I'm excited! :D

My constant connection with my sisters. I can't get enough laughter and real talk with them. Our constant messaging/texting each other. Making videos for each other. FaceTiming. Selfies. I miss them so much. I can't wait to be with them!!!!! ♥ ♥

My sister M sharing a video of her son (1.5 years old) singing "Happy Birthday." My sister L (in Montana) remaking a video with her kids singing "Happy Birthday." And then... Brady and me remaking our own episode of "Happy Birthday." I love these people and I love watching us grow!! ♥

Brady and I made papaya salad (a Southeast Asian dish) for the first at home!! We love this dish. Not sure why it took us over a decade to make it together. I know it looks darker than usual, but I like mine dark. Don't hate! :p People add all kinds of things to this dish, but we kept it simple. ;)

I am thinking of a master plan prank on Brady for April's Fools Day! Thank goodness he doesn't read my blog on the daily and I hope if you read this and know him, you keep it a secret as well. ;D I hope I remember to video record it. :)

The other day, Brady and I had a deep and real adult conversation. We like to reflect on each other and ourselves in a positive manner. It is refreshing and I will leave it at that as I still do like to keep some things personal and sacred. ♥ Please respect that as you would like us to respect your privacy. :)

Anyway, so that's just been me. . . and us (B + me). Busy. Calm. Relax. Accomplished. Yep. That's lately. ;D Have a lovely rest of the week! :)

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LOVE, DANICA said...

Can't be love you made that! Looks like so,etching out of a restaurant!