Tuesday, March 4, 2014

chick pea + kale salad

sometimes when i eat so much meat (mainly steak, i love steak), i get this icky feeling and feel that i need to eat veggies the following days.

i drained the can of chick peas, gave it a bath, let it dry somewhat, and gave it a rich bath in extra virgin olive oil and some salt. it then went in the oven to sun bathe for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

while the chick peas were sun bathing, i washed the baby kale leaves then let it dry. while the baby kale leaves were drying, i gave a large lemon a good squeeze. it gave me about 1/4 cup of juice. i added the lemon juice to about a 1/4 of evoo and a dash of salt & black pepper & red pepper flakes. when the chick peas were done baking, i gave everything a good mix and topped it off with shredded cheese.

and after eating all this fresh food, i just want it to be spring already.............................

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