Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tomato Mango Salsa.

The other day, B and I were invited to a friend’s Super Bowl party. Luckily, we had a very short drive (yes)! Anyhow, B and I made a Tomato Mango Salsa to share with friends. Cooking together is something we enjoy. It’s pretty fun and sometimes, we get into these deep and meaningful conversations. And other times, he just laughs at the way I dance and tells me to stop singing or he’ll stop cooking with me. I really can’t blame him. My singing is horrid. So, back to the food…


B and I agree that anything can go into salsa and we don’t measure when making this salsa.

Green Onions
Salt + Pepper

B roasted the garlic until it was soft (the house smelled so good).
We diced up the mangoes, tomatoes, & jalepenos. The cilantro & green onions were chopped.
Give everything a stir, squeeze lime juice, sprinkle salt and pepper to desired taste and BAM! You’re done!! Grab some chips and enjoy!!!

Most of the people and B were rooting for Colorado, but I had a premonition that Washington was going to win… I tried real hard not to rub it in B’s face.

I hope everyone had a blast weekend and that the week is going by better. =)

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Brittany said...

oh I love mango salsa, my boyfriend makes it and it is soooo good, but sans tomatoes