Sunday, February 23, 2014


Snowbanks taller than Brady!!! It's just so funny! I asked him to pull the car over to get out so I could take pictures of him next to snowbanks because it's much more fun him than me. So glad he's willing to because the two of us thinks it's just hilarious. This snow, this is Minnesnowta. The kind of Minnesota that we remember as a kid. ♥ I think we plan to make snow forts in the upcoming days. Come over, we have TALL snowbanks. =)

Thanks to our wonderful neighbors that snow blowed the end of our drive way. I can't express how thankful we are of our neighbors. They're just wonderful! (We usually show thanks by gifting them a gas card).

Luckily, Brady does the rest of the shoveling of the driveway and walkway because do you see what is behind him? I'm not even sure if I could throw the snow on the shovel that high!! And if it snows anymore, where are we going to put it?

Well, hope everyone is safe from this past snow blizzard!! Just remember to follow up with your city snow emergencies. Also, I saw a lady using roof shingles instead of kitty litter to get out of snow. Now, hurry up, Spring!! We miss you!!!


Leave It To Davis said...

Minnesnowta! lol That's funny!!!Hope spring comes soon for you or else you all won't be able to find your house anymore!!!

Liza said...

Holy freezing snowballs, Jean. Stay warm.