Monday, February 24, 2014

Going back into the Ice Box!

So --- I hear Polar Vortex #3 is hitting the Twin Cities again (BIG SIGH)!! This ice box thing, I'm just not cool with it. I get stuck inside and literally watch out my window and silently cry inside my head. I was not born to be stuck inside. Nope, not at all. I'm going to grab stuff to keep myself company for the upcoming week. More craft supplies. Some books. And lots of coffee beans.

However, I am glad I was able to get out this weekend and actually enjoy some of winter. Yep, and that's all Minnesotans talk about lately, our crazy winter.

What do you do to keep yourself busy when the weather does not cooperate (for more than two days)??


Charlotte London said...

The snow is beautiful, but I can imagine it gets irritating if you're stuck indoors because of it! I tend to bundle up warm and try to brave it, or just stay in until it stops (not a fan of earache)

The London Project

Brittany said...

I would be satisfied with above freezing temps. I am just so done with the blizzards and freezing my face off the minute I walk out the door

Carla said...

I'm also crying. Mine isn't silent though. I hate this! I need to be outside but more than that, my kids need to be outside. Here's hoping for warmer weather.