Thursday, February 20, 2014

crazy weather.

so glad i was able to enjoy the weather after work yesterday before the big snowstorm today.

yesterday, brady drove us to minnehaha falls park for a nice stroll. and then for a little snowball fight. we like snowball fights, i think more of me than him because my aim can be incredibly good at this (which i know, he sometimes does not like). in the end, despite me winning most of the time, we always have a good time and my stomach would hurt from laughing so hard. i usually fall over from laughing so hard.

anyway, hope everyone had a safe trip home this evening. also be cautious tomorrow [morning] and give extra time for yourselves (and others).

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Leave It To Davis said...

Makes me think of Love Story with Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw....if you have never seen it, you should. You'd love the snow scene!