Sunday, January 12, 2014

Clean Living.

Hello friends. This year has been already so good to me. I had some extra days off of work due to the extremely frigid weather, so I deep cleaned our home. Our home is usually tidy for the most part, but I will admit, I am not best when it comes to the "deep cleaning." I do a horrid job with dusting (allergies) and vacuuming. This year (uh-oh, here comes one of those "new year goal thing"), I plan to be more mindful of dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. I am going to incorporate these things into my lifestyle. I think I can do this. I will do this.

Also threw out a lot of unwanted things around the house and it feels good. I don't even miss them. I had shelves put up in the craft/office/guest room. I moved furniture around the house like a mad lady. And now, I currently am working on the living room walls, so next time you see our living room, you will see change. :)

Brady and I also plan to be better about our diet. I think we have been eating out too much, our body also is telling us so. So, really, it's kind of nice that the holidays are over with. And if you are curious, we just plan to cut back on our portions. We have no food allergies (whew). I think we can do this. We control what we buy and shove in our mouth. :-p

It really has been nice just to get home from work and chill. After a day of work, the last thing I want to do is come home to chaos. Just my opinion and my life. You can live yours as you are. I ain't hatin`. ;-p


Andrea said...

I love these photo glimpses into your life.
Doesn't feel good to get rid of stuff and move things around?!

Lovelyladyjb said...

Love decluttering the home! Me and A did this somewhat this weekend! Still in the process but well needed. :) looks relaxing!

Leave It To Davis said...

It always makes me feel better about myself to really clean our house....but, don't get so busy cleaning that you forget to have fun. That dust and dirt will still be there if you let it lay there a few more days. Enjoy each other. :)

Anonymous said...

Love these fun photos! Looks like your home is wonderfully clean now! That's one great thing about the cold weather. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at