Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oh, Christmas Tree!

It's finally here!! I [impatiently] waited for this day! I had put up a faux two-feet Christmas tree (that my sister bought me last year) up early November because I was so excited for the holidays!

Brady grew up with having a real Christmas tree each year since he was a cute baby. I adopted that tradition as well. I hope you do not love me any less, my dear fake Christmas tree friends. I still love you the same, if not, more than I did a second ago. ;)

I am so happy our tree is up. I will admit, I am not the best or even good when it comes to decorating, but I don't care, I'm so excited.
Now, I just have one problem....
I have no idea what to put for a topper??
I forgot what I had put up as one in the past?! Angel? Star?
What do you use for your tree topper? Suggestions are very welcome.


jessica said...

Gorgeous tree! I love the blue lights! We always put a star but I've seen bows and I've also seen those funky spray things. You should look on Etsy, I bet you'll find some unique toppers!

Andrea said...

I love the bokeh photo! Such a pretty tree.

Janna Renee said...

Gorgeous!! I made pretty bows as toppers for my two little trees.