Monday, July 29, 2013

S & S || Maternity

Last week, I met up with these two (my cousin and his wife) for a Maternity session and OH.MY.GOSH... If only everyone in front of the camera was like Daddy S, things would be so.much.easier. He was directing the majority of the time and had SO MUCH enthusiasm. He is not camera shy at all!!! It also made my job easier. I still am in disbelief. You did so well Daddy S. So well! We all knew, he had been dreaming of this for days on out!

I remember when Daddy S was a little toddler. The one thing that kept him quiet was a basket ball!
And now he will be able to teach his baby boy how to play ball!

You see this right there? ^ ^ ^ I didn't even have to tell him to close his eyes, he already closed his eyes. His wife afterward asked if he did, I said, he already did. Natural. I think the genes of loving the camera came from our dad's (Daddy S's dad & my dad are first cousins) side of the family.

What an already beautiful family. I cannot wait to meet this little boy!!! It is so exciting as this will be the first Grand Baby to Daddy S's family!!! They are tooooooo cute for words!!!


Leave It To Davis said...

What wonderful maternity pictures!!!! I especially LOVE the one of their reflections in the pond. Amazing! You did a great job!

Liza said...

These are wonderful, Jean.

Andrea said...

I love the tiny baby shoes shot! So cute.
You did a fabulous job on these! :)

vincy said...

Stephen is such a camera whore

Janet Kay Goettsch said...

jean, these are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!