Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Deck.


Whoa! We went from Winter to like, Summer with no leaves on the trees!! Crazy!! Well, I love this weather! I love the cool nights (50s) and the warm days (70s), it's like, perfect. Sunshine on our faces, and being able to enjoy our deck, again. The past few dinners, we've enjoyed it there. I was also able to doodle and just soak up the sun. So happy! ♥ ♥

Besides grilling and eating on the deck, what are some of your favorite deck activities??


Leave It To Davis said...

We are having some of the same perfect weather! Same temps....and we barbecued hamburgers outside Sunday. We don't have a deck...just a small patio. We love to play with our dogs outside.

Jane said...

My hubby and I need to eat at our deck before it gets too hot :D Thank you for the idea!!