Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Birdie.

Well, that's what one of my sweet nephews used to call Brady when he couldn't pronounce his name. Damien, he was three. Now he is nine (I think. Ooops. Not sure. Bad auntie, me). Anyway, he (Brady) comes home today! He was out of town and yes, I slept home alone these past two nights. Alone with the creaks in our home.

I am so excited. I missed him so much! ♥

And yes, that's my ancient iPhone. And I have been drinking Almond Milk all week; which is added to my latte in the first photo. And I have had time to doodle and be lazy the past few days. Well, hope you guys are having a good week! :) :)


Liza said...

I love your doodles!

Leave It To Davis said...

Very cute pictures! Glad you won't be sleeping alone with the creaks anymore! It's always nice to have someone to snuggle with!

Jane said...

I love your doodles :D :D :D