Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I feel like I am in Seattle...

even though I have never been there.

It has been raining (on & off) the past five days and I am liking it!! :) :)
The sound of the rain dropping on our roof when we sleep (we have an attic bedroom).
The love it gives to the lawn. Not to mention, less watering the lawn, lower utility bill. :) :)

I mean, after all... It was just winter and we are falling into Spring.
What's that? April Showers bring May flowers, right?

^^^ And I bet B can't wait to mow the lawn. Haha. ^^^



stacey said...

I really like that second photo.

And gosh, can the rain stop now???

Leave It To Davis said...

What kind of grass do you have? It sure is pretty!