Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Deer Friends,

I have been obsessing over cute little deer related things this evening. Just in awe. Makes me miss living by the river (park reserve) where I was able to see so much life (deer, fox, eagles, hawks, coyotes, fox, etc.), not to mention, stars. Oh! But I do remember on a neighborhood walk last year with B... It was getting dark and a long-four-legged creature came running at us, our first thought was a doberman is running right at us!!!! We were frantic with fear! Luckily, it was a deer. She ran into the woods. There are not much woods around us. I wonder what their diet is like... I am kind of sad for them because we are taking over their space.

Anyway. . . I am really dreaming of these deer little things. . . ♥

curious about me, but i am more curious about her.

So here I am, friends. . . very eager to step my foot back into nature.

What is your current obsession?


Ashley said...

Right now, my obsession is finding cute summer dresses!

xo Ashley

Leave It To Davis said...

I love the wildlife, too. I also feel so sorry for them because their habitat is being taken over by man.