Sunday, April 14, 2013

even when it is snowing outside this spring day.

We will drive out to brunch.

And go bowling!!! ;)

Really love that last move Brady. Really. Smooooth. Also love that I'm a size 5 in shoes.. See how clean my shoes are?? LOL!!!
Bowling was such a nice end to this weekend. So glad we got out!!! Sometimes I just get crazy being stuck inside all weekend.. Don't you???

Still cannot get over this weather. It's just crazy. crazy!!! Temps are going to drop so I am assuming an icy commute tomorrow morning. :(

Well, I really hope the weather around your neck of the woods is fancy. Regardless, how are you guys enjoying your spring time this April???


Andrea said...

Were you talking to me?... ;-)
I'll join you bowling any time! Love the shoes! And I thought my size 6 feet were tiny!
I do hope it warns up there for you all soon! Summer and hot temps have got to come soon. Winter can't last forever.

alice {sweet dreamer} said...

What a great idea for something different to do in the cold weather! Beats ANOTHER trip to the cinema... x

Courtney B said...

How FUN!! I haven't been bowling in too long! I'm going to hit the hubs up on taking me on a date... bowling ;)
And it's currently snowing in my neck of the woods so I feel your pain!

Janna Renee said...

Our weather is JUST as bi-polar! It's crazy. Bowling is a great way to get out of the house! We have been planning to go soon ;)