Saturday, March 2, 2013

What I'm loving. . .

. . . Victory 44
. . . We made a late night visit Thursday and had to go again Friday afternoon.
. . . Their lattes are delicious! Just absolutely delcious. Makes one really happy :)
. . . Their food is jaw-dropping as well! (See our food visit HERE).
. . . The drive to V44 is a piece of cake. Glad to find real good latte not too far from home.
. . . A passionate and well-informed barista.

I love trying a new latte every time I visit.
That afternoon, I tried the blueberry muffin latte (it's different from just the blueberry latte).
The barista came out w/ a cute, tiny torch!
It tasted so fresh, as if I were eating blueberry muffin.
Not artificial at all. I believe they used blueberry extract from the berry itself.

Brady had nothing fancy, but still great latte!

We tried a shot of (if I recall correctly) Andrade...
and WOW!

So yes... I have been very pleased with our visits at Victory 44. Just really happy to have a great place to go to for latte. We/I don't have to drive more than five minutes for great coffee!! And I really love my coffee... I'm sure we'll have another visit this weekend. :) :) :) XO Jean


Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

oooooo, loving these! I wish we lived closer to a coffee shop, that blueberry muffin latte sounds awesome, never heard of that before.

Andrea said...

YUM! That blueberry muffin latte looks delish! I love a good coffee shop. They make for such great photos.
Cute reflection photo of you and B. :)

jessica renee said...

Oh my gooosh that latte looks and sounds delicious!!

Jill said...

I so love that last photo! I'm so happy to have discovered your blog tonight -- great read!