Sunday, March 17, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hello and Good Afternoon! What a lovely and chilly day here in Minnesota! I was giddy with this week's Scavenger Hunt because Brady (my boyfriend for new friends/guests) is part Irish.

Anyway... here's my hunt. :D

1. Lucky
I found the word, lucky in the book, 'Tis by Frank McCourt, an Irish author (and one of my favorite authors). I love his books. I fell in love with his book Angela's Ashes in high school. My last year of high school, I took a bunch of English courses - creative writing, journalism, literature, and so on... Maybe one day I'll get lucky and he'd be able to sign my books! :) :)

2. Irish
Brady, my boyfriend is part Irish. His full name is Irish, but I would rather not say here for obvious reasons. Brady's dad is Irish and second born generation in America (if I remember correctly). Brady's dad's family came from Ireland and settled in Ontario, Canada. Some are settled in Minnesota. :) Today, he was being camera shy.

3. Daylight
We are loving the daylight! Troll has been chilling with me while I make a mess in our living room. Our living room has the best daylight because huge trees crowd around our house. :)

4. Pot of Gold
Brady's pot of gold. He collected coins as a kid and I found it hiding in a box of photos as I was cleaning. ;)

5. Clover
When Brady & I first started dating and I found out he was Irish, I'd buy him Irish related things. Clover + Green reminded me of Irish. This zip-up jacket was from like almost a decade ago. Hence, the American Eagle logo... when I still shopped from there. ;)

Yes, so there was my hunt. As you can see, it's been awhile that I have done one of these... October 20, 2012 to be exact. Next week's hunt seems like fun, we'll see if I can sneak some time for another hunt :)

Have a grrreat week!


Leave It To Davis said...

No, 19 year old son's first name is Brady. I never see anyone with that name. I already like you. :) You have great taste.

I love your troll and his adorable outfit!! When I was 11, "wish-nicks" or "damn-it dolls" or "trolls" first came out....that was about 1966. We collected them by the droves....had them sitting in the bookcase headboard of my bed. Thanks for stirring up that memory for me!

You did a wonderful job on your hunt...of course, it wasn't really hard for you since your boyfriend is Irish! Lucky!

Nicki said...

You did a very nice job with this week's words and it is good to have you back. I remember having one of those trolls when I was a young girl - some things never go out of style. :)

Brandi said...

My husband is the Irish one, and now I totally love this holiday!

Carletta said...

My Irish roots loved your post!
I have to say Brady might have been shy but I really like the framing of this shot.
Loved the troll! I too had one or two when I was young and I remember having one in college and later my daughter had them when they reappeared for a little while.
Your's made me smile.
Paints in the living room. I know how that is. My craft things are almost always on the dining room table. :)