Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lately. . .

I have been blue. Yes, I really do blame it on the weather. It's Spring today and we have about a foot of snow outside. Not to mention the bitter cold. Hugs, kisses, and coffee can't cheer me up. It's kind of hard to know how I feel because I don't think it's right to be a j.e.r.k to someone else that didn't do anything to me. I do try to remain happy when around them... unlike our visit to this coffee shop. The cashier came off harsh, as if we didn't know what we were talking about. I mean, what person just orders two large espresso shots? Not to mention how insulting she was to the what seem to be eight year old asking for the Free Wifi Password. The girl making the espresso didn't help... Angry much about life? Well, needless to say, the only nice person around there did say Bye to us. I think he felt the tension from the other two ladies he was working with. I mean, after all... aren't coffee shop workers supposed to be giddy? Maybe they should try a shot of espresso (or two). I don't believe I was being a j.e.r.k. at all. Often times, I feel some folks really do take my kindness for weakness. Whatever. Over that. Next time, there will be no next time.

So lately besides encountering rudeness... we have been pretty crafty around the base camp (we call our home that all the time, but I call it camp base - don't ask. Also makes me want to change labels from Our Heart Shaped Home to Camp Base... DANG IT!)

B has curtain duties around base camp. He is doing a great job! He's so proud, so am I! I think one is capable of doing when one puts one's mind to it. Don't mind how we do our projects around here. We make our floors useful for a cutting table. HA! :) :)

If you follow me on Instagram (@jeanyous), you have seen a few clips throughout my project. I finished it in two days and had it hung up. :) I first drew the outline of the bird bodies, 2 coats of painting, then finished w/ embroidery. So cutesy. I plan to make more after a painting project. :)

FINALLY got around to buy a frame for my Grandma's luck... The bill was blessed with luck by a man (not sure what to call him in English, sorry) during my Grandma's funeral services... The dollar coin was for when we sat hours on hours for Grandma (again, not sure of the English term, sorry). And a copy of my Grandma's passport picture; which was made when she traveled back to her homeland with my parents & younger brother. The money are for good luck and shall NEVER be spent. Lately, I miss her lots. I think we all do. XO

I rearranged our bedroom. I will be doing more of it in the near future. I never really spend much time in there... And we just about never make our bed on the weekdays. We like how our new bedroom is arranged. :) And I think I want new bed sheet, pillow cases, comforter colors.... :/

NEW SOCKS! I got about a dozen new socks from the DOLLAR TREE. They're so cute!!!

Our home is a work in progress. Nothing major, but things to keep us busy. And yes, we still love our teeny tiny hundred year old home; which I believe only two families have previously lived here.... So, that's lately at home with us. ♥ ♥ Jean


Carla said...

I absolutely love that you call your house base camp. Mike and I used to call our family Team Knudson. I get it. Something to make everyday life a little more fun.
Love that you labeled your sewing machine. Amazed that you did your craft project completely free hand down to drawing and painting the birds. It's adorable. Always happy to see pics of the two of you and your adorable home. Just can't get over how cute you too are. :)

Leave It To Davis said...

Sorry that someone was rude to you...we have that happen to us sometimes, too, but I try to remember what it was like working fast food, and maybe the 10 customers before you were mean and rude to them...or maybe someone used the bathroom floor for the potty and they had to clean up after never know. Try not to take it personally. Just smile at them anyway, and maybe you could be the start of a better day for them...and then the next 20people might go away being uplifted and go home and be nice to their kids...and all because you smiled and were nice to them in spite of them being rude. whew! That was a long thought.

Love your picture...very cute...and 12 pairs of socks! I bet your feet are h.a.p.p.y!!!

We use our floors for more than walking on, too! Have a wonderful, blessed Thursday!!!

Andrea said...

I just love how helpful your B is! Cutting material on the floor. He looks so intense and focused. Cute cute embroidery hoop art! Lovely little birdies.
I don't get rude people. Especially rude people in the service industry. But I guess we all have our bad days.
You Minnesotans are a tough bunch I think! I don't think I could handle all that snow.
Hope sunny warm weather comes your way soon. :-)

jessica renee said...

Oh friend, believe me I feel you on the thing about people taking your kindess as weakness. I can be a real jerk to Ronnie sometimes and then he's like "Why didn't you use that attitude on that cashier that was rude to you earlier" or the rude coworker, whatever it is. Either way, it's sad that other people's unhappiness can even rub off on us!! :( At least you have your sweetie around to cheer you up. Speaking of which, SO awesome that he sews and makes curtains!!

Also, I LOVE that hoop! So sweet. (or tweet? ;) I've always wanted to learn how to make those.