Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Truth is, I am an outdoorsy kind of gal. My uneven sun tans are my proof. Whether it was running around playing soccer, out riding bikes with friends, or long walks/hikes with family & friends... Man, I miss being outdoors. I am SO OVER winter!!! I am so wanting to pack my bags full of camp gear and take off! I am ansy about camping, read my confession some weeks ago how I can't wait for camping HERE.

Ha! Look at the second & third photo... Do you know what I'm giggling about them? ;P

( ( photos are mine from previous camping trips. ) )


Jane HyunJoo Lee said...

I went to camping once and it was fun even though it was cold and my sleeping bag got wet because of rain. I'd love to go camping when it gets warmer :)

Janna Renee said...

I love camping! I like it better when there is a shower near by, but it's so fun!

Gina Norman said...

SOAMI!!!! Please Spring PLEASE!

I feel like I know you and your family, adore these pics!