Monday, March 18, 2013

Already Monday?

The weekend is over? Back to the daily grind. . . Am I ever looking forward to it? Not really.

The past week was Spring Break and plans didn't plan out as wanted, but that's okay. I felt free as a bird (opening arms wide open).

Again, I felt real sad that I didn't even hardly document my time... what I did... and I am forgetting the things I did. I'm quite sad about it... Let me retrace some things (scratches head).

  • Photographed my bestie and her little girls in their home. She printed cards for her hubby, their daddy for his birthday gift. Daddy's girls. ♥
  • I purchased two vinyls from Cheapo. One was pretty pricey, but I really like the music (Beach House).
  • Brady and I made it out to my friend's (Pao Houa) photo gallery at the Franklin Art Works. She's such an amazing person. So proud of you, Pa ♥
  • I picked up my ukulele and practiced playing a song by Johnny Cash, I Walk The Line. Oh gosh, so hard as I am not the best with coordination, but I do try. B was very helpful, too. I want to be able to play more. I had my ukulele out in the open so I could pick it up more and just jam for ten minutes then leave and come back later.
  • Finally got around to hang up B's stained glass piece from when he took the a stained glass workshop class some months ago...
  • Rented a few movies from the Redbox. (We rented Perks of Being a Wallflower, Skyfall (007), & Taken 2).
  • Framed my first embroidery project (see pic below). Also, framed my Grandma's charm and hung it up in our office.
  • I might be switching up our office/guest room to my craft room because our playroom is getting pretty packed and the boys have been playing tons of music.
  • The house is talking more and more because of the dramatic weather changes. It freaks me out every time. I make B go look around the house. And yes, I get a little (a lot) paranoid.
  • I made a cover to my planner/notebook.
  • I am working on an embroidery piece for B called "lovebirds." I'm almost done with it.
  • B's mom came over on Saint Patrick's Day and made a corned beef dish. So rich.
  • I drank pop! And a bunch of Irish alcohol/liquor.

    On a better note about forgetting things, this is one thing I do not forget.

    Alrighty. So that was that...... I hope you all have a lovely week! XO, Jean.

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    Carla said...

    Even though it did not work out as planned, it sure sounds like you had a good time / did lots of stuff. :)