Saturday, February 23, 2013

this was a beautiful winter day after all..

Yesterday morning (02.22.13) when I woke up for work.. I didn't even think of looking out the window because the weather is so unpredictable... When I did... I had about 15 minutes and there were about three-four inches of snow on the car!! Luckily, B was awake and helped brush the car and a path for me (thank you again, my sweetheart). I took my time to get to work having ten minutes to spare where I was able to eat my breakfast :) Whew. Close call.

With all that snow worry in the morning... I was able to enjoy it in the afternoon where I went on a solo walk. It was so beautiful! I was walking in wonderland. . . I love winter days like this... not the frigid air where it makes my knees weak and hard to breath. If we can have more winter days like this, I would be more than happy. :)

So, I know our winter weather is crazy... but what do/would you prefer. . .

  • The below zero temps?


  • days like the above, snowy days with temps of 30?

    P.S. I hope you all are having a great weekend regardless what the temp is around you. =) XO

    Carla said...

    I'll take snow over frigidness any day.

    Janet Kay Goettsch said...

    We went for a walk too, it was beautiful. The park people didn't have the paths plowed and we were wishing we had snowshoes (we've wanted to try them for the last 3 years) but even so, it was exhilarating.

    Andrea said...

    Below zero?!? No way! I experienced that one winter when I lived in Missoula. Crazy! I'll take 30s and snowy any day. Or even our 40s and rain all winter. :-)
    Beautiful snow photos!