Friday, January 25, 2013

Linked 2013: Fresh

Linked 2013. Fresh start.
Once a month, last Friday of the month.
No pressure.

So fresh and so clean, clean, clean!! :D
What to do on a Friday night??? DOLL UP!!! Here are a few things I used to make my face for the evening. These are a few cute little things gifted from my sissy this past Christmas. (Thank you again, Lisa. I heart you)! And if you know me... you know it's quite new to me. I really am just a drug store cosmetic kind of gal.

And this is how I look after! Mmmm. Fresh makeup on face.

Anyway, It's Friday... The night is young and fresh. Have a great weekend, friends!!

Check out what Fresh is like for these ladies! ♥ Amanda, Carla, Hanne, Heather, Heidi, Janet, Jenn, Kristin , Rhonda, Tracey, Tracy

** This year, Linked (what was then, Linked 52) is joining once a month rather than every Friday of the month for the year. Feel free to join. Let one of us know if you are interested! :)


Jenn said...

You are beautiful! Have a great weekend.

Carla said...

I did not even look at your post but evidently we had the same idea with the song. :)
You look great! Hope you had a good night out.

ZeldaMom said...

You look great! I hope your night was wonderfully reFreshing too.

Gina Norman said...

pretty and fun to see your make-up!

you are a natural beauty Jean!!!


Amanda Kelley said...

Um, Girl your beautiful! I never look that great right out of the shower!

Tracey said...

I am just getting around to hitting everyone on the link up list. I've done a few a day. I was gone all that weekend and then worked the next week. Ugh.
Anyway, LOVE the fresh to fancy looks! Made me smile!

Liza said...

Hello. So cute & fresh. Hope you had fun!