Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year.

Yes, I know. We're two weeks into the new year and this is my first post of the year... So, Happy New Year! :) Thank you for your patience as I have been absent. So much has happened since my last post. *Sigh* Anyway, we celebrated our last Christmas hurrah last night with B, his mom, his brother + brother's girlfriend, + his mom's boyfriend. Aren't the Fat Tire's adorable? B's mom put some face to 'em. :) Let me tell you, I am truly blessed to have wonderful people around me. Truly.

New Year resolutions? goals? Keep striving for the best as I know I can do it. I need to. I will.

Today is super cold out!! I am staying in as the house is a mess --as in I need to dust and do laundry. So, if you call me, please do not take offense if I do not pick up the phone as I will be blasting to The XX, (sample here).

Stay warm, J


Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

Love the photo...happy new year!

Carla said...

So cute . . . it's almost a shame to drink them. :)